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* I am writing this letter to compliment you on your disk for funeral service. Your approach to the National Board Exam was very informative and allowed me to practice in the privacy of my own home. Your program eased my tension and anxiety in preparing for the exam.
I would also like to thank you for your phone coaching and encouragement. To sum up my experience, your program is absolutely excellent.

A. Glasscock:

* This program is great!! It is very helpful in getting ready for the national board. It is great to be able to print out a study guide after you finish the test. It allows you to look at what you missed. This program is so much like the national board, if you can do this program, you should be able to take national board.

(University of Arkansas Community College at Hope)

C.E. Willie, III:

* I am excited and elated to recommend L&S Services to students that are preparing to take  National & State Exams.  Please note that students are being tested in an environment that essentially mirrors the actual test experience.  The questions are both thought provoking and challenging to the learner.  As a retired secondary principal in the State of North Carolina on many occasions I conferenced with firms attempting to sell software merely as  promotional materials for various vendors around the country.  The latter statement simply means some of the companies were out to make money and not deliver a quality product. I take great pride and pleasure to say to aspiring funeral directors and morticians that this product is outstanding!  The product is reasonably priced and is second to none!  I am confident that if you purchase the software package from L&S Services, you will be completely satisfied and ready for the testing experience.

* I wish you were here, on Dec. 28,2005  when the assessment helper, handed me this form reading  CONGRATULATIONS  you have passed !  Yes I was on cloud nine. Before contacting L&S Services I'll taken the State Exam three(3) times. I wish to thank L&SServices for their follow-ups and for their Great Software. My scores were in the high nineties. 

C. Hart (North Carolina) 

* I have purchase the M.A.T.S. program and have found it very helpful in my quest in obtaining my certification and licensure in funeral service. I have passed my National Board Exam with sucess. The M.A.T.S. program was the keystone to this success. I would like to thank you for the production of this program and making it available for students to use. I could never have passed the Board exam without the program. It''s really helpful in adjusting your mind-frame to the way the Board questions are. The program also is the best means of study that I found in preparing for the National Board. I enjoyed the experience and I love the program.

Thanks for everything!
Carlos D. Shaffer


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