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* Guess who's trail blazing and leading the pack again?


L&S Services, the talk around town! Customers are expressing how user-friendly the software is to use and how pleased they are with customer care. M.A.T.S. (Mortician Assessment Testing Simulator) is now being recognized as one of the most sought after study aids by mortuary students and institutions since its introduction spring of 2004.

So, while you all have been studying, L&S Services fired up its research and development team for round #4, yes, round #4 it is! L&S Services wants to continue to provide its clients with the number one training refresher aid in mortuary affairs.

Mortuary students and institution deserve the best, so here’s round #4!

* M.A.T.S. 2007 Compliant, Version 4.00 is now available with new updates and a new skin!

* L&S Service would like to thank you for all your patronage during the year of 2006. We wish you all the very best on your upcoming exams and happiness during the upcoming holiday season. If it had not been for all your support we could have never accomplished what we have accomplished. Also, many thanks to all those who work behind those curtains.

* October 1, 2007, will release the "VISTA" compatible version of the MATS v4.0 software.

* In the upcoming weeks, is proud to announce its "New Online Remote Access Help Desk" for better service quality.

* October 4, 2007, launched “O.T.A.C”. (Online Technical Assistance Center).

Because we believe,” Integrity with a commitment to service is our purpose” and to you, our clients. has a chosen permissions based remote access to take all the guess work out of technical support. offers our clients live technical support over the Internet using permissions and a 256-bit AES Encryption remote access system called NTR support. Using NTR support in conjunction with our newly revised M.A.T.S. v4.0 software, our “O.T.A.C(Online Technical Assistance Center) can now remotely control a customer’s PC, provide faster, more accurate diagnosis, increase first call resolution, upload customer files for analysis, download software patches and improved customer satisfaction and loyalty by resolving customer support issues during the first call.


Thank You,

President / CEO

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