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M.A.T.S. is a fully functional, computerized testing simulator encompassing both the arts and sciences of mortuary affairs. The program contains a large database of questions, broad and refined, to reflect the knowledge level of an entry-level funeral service practitioner prior to National Board Certification.

The simulator has been designed to select questions at random from its comprehensive data pool.  Students will likely take a different exam. This feature gives students the liberty to reuse the simulator several times before exhausting the data pool of questions.

"At L&S Services, our mission is to continue partnering with proven professionals in the Funeral Services Arts and Sciences industry to aid and assist its students with testing methods that provide instant feedback to promote student confidence with each correct selection."

Once again, welcome to our simulated world of testing.

Higher Standards

L&S Services is committed to our customers.  We believe  our customers to be intelligent professionals who will let us know how we can further assist them.  Most importantly, L&S Services is dedicated to all changes that are in the best interests of our customers. L&S Services strives to meet or exceed our customer's expectations.

New: MATS Updater!
(Updater for version v 4.0)

We are proud to announce the MATS Updater application to our registered users. This simple utility will allow you to update your MATS application question database to our current level.

Built into the program. No more down load utilities. Super fast! Redesigned from the ground up!

Just run your MATS program and let it rip! Get all the latest updates on demand!






M.A.T.S. Version 4.00
(2007 compliant)

Questions from each sub topic can be presented randomly, or in sub topic order.
Study sheets now include the tester's incorrect selection for improved group discussions.

Click on the image(above) to view/download the
M.A.T.S. Version 4.00 / 3.00 user manual in PDF format

Platform Compatibility
Windows 98, Windows ME
Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista

* Currently only the latest build of MATS 4.0 supports the WIndows Vists Operating Systems. MATS builds obtained prior to 10/1/2007 have not been tested for Vista compatibility.