About Us

Founded in 1995, and headquartered in Buffalo, New York as a trade company, L&S Services is an innovative industry leader, providing simulated testing products and informational services.  We are proud to be one of the first and trusted resources for these types of products.

The lack of training products available to students in the Funeral Services Arts and Sciences, prompted L&S Services to develop a computerized testing simulator made for order, through the world-wide web.  L&S Services hope was to enable Funeral Services students to excel in their professional knowledge, while preparing themselves for National Board Certification.

L&S Services provides M.A.T.S. (Mortician's Assessment and Testing Simulator). This single user exam simulator prepares the aspiring funeral director and embalmer prior to taking the National Board Certification exam.
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Our future plans include specific applications to assist educational institutions with student preparation, testing, and evaluation in a controlled classroom  network environment.